Title Search Burlington


Title Search Burlington


Title Search BurlingtonOne of the best ways to protect yourself as a property buyer is to invest in a title search. Burlington buyers have come to New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, for more than 13 years for accurate, fast, and exhaustive title searches. We’ve completely digitized title searches and other home closing services, achieving an improved closing process with less room for error. Our superior title search is just one of the many ways we’ve optimized home closing in New England for Burlington buyers.


3 Reasons to Conduct a Title Search As A Burlington Buyer


A title search is the perfect way for Burlington property buyers to gather the title, deeds, and other essential documents related to a property before you sign anything legally binding. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a messy and stressful legal battle with a fraudulent property owner or someone who disputes your ownership. Below are three top reasons to perform a title search as a Burlington local buying a home:

  1. View real property details. A title search will give you access to important real property documents, with accurate information such as a home’s legal description, actual square footage, added rooms, property lines, fixtures on the property (lakes, sheds, etc.), agreements previously reached for it, and more. Real property documents are the best source of information regarding a home.
  2. See the property’s chain of title. A chain of title lists the previous owners of a property. This information is important to determine whether the home is the current owner’s legal property or if someone else down the line actually owns it. You can also discover aspects of a property’s history, such as its mortgage status, legal records, and judgments made on the home.
  3. Uncover any title issues. There are dozens of potential issues a title search could uncover on a Burlington property, enabling you to resolve them or pull out of a deal before purchase. Title issues that can hold up the closing process include liens, unpaid property taxes, encumbrances, undisclosed hairs, and fraud. You may find, for example, that the property owner is indebted to the IRS and doesn’t have the right to sell the property due to a lien.


There are numerous benefits to conducting a title search. Burlington homebuyers can enjoy peace of mind and increased investment security when they work with New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, for these kinds of services. Keep your investment truly safe when you pair a title search with title insurance. Our real estate experts can help you reduce your investment risk with these title services and more.


Trust Us With Your Title Search, Burlington And Beyond


As a prospective homebuyer, you’re on the verge of one of the biggest – if not the biggest – investments of your life. Take it from the experts at New England Title & Escrow Services, PC; you don’t want to purchase a new home blindly. Instead, enter into business with a property seller fully informed and knowledgeable about the home you want to buy with a title search. Burlington homebuyers can dial (978) 640-0620 or go online to get in touch with New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, regarding our services.