Title Search Andover


Title Search Andover


Title Search AndoverBefore you purchase any property in Massachusetts, the real estate experts at New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, recommend you perform a title search. Andover residents can help prevent legal battles and fraudulent property owners with this tool, which provides financial information relating to a title. A title search can give you all documents listed in the public records on a real property, including deeds, liens, taxes, and mortgages. Your professional closing team can then help you resolve any title issues before you make your purchase.


Why Perform a Title Search, Andover Homebuyers?


A property title is the single-most important document in the purchase and sale of real estate. The title is, in basic terms, the bundle of rights that determine real property ownership. A clean title facilitates fast and easy ownership transition, but a title with liens, encumbrances, tax liabilities, and other issues can make for a messy and difficult real estate deal. Protect your rights as a buyer with title searches at New England Title & Escrow Services, PC.

You can face serious issues in the future if you purchase a property without first performing a title search. Information is power – a title search can give you details about real property such as any outstanding liens, heirs in line to own the property, and much more. Without this information, a home purchase could result in you having to pay for someone else’s tax and mortgage debt. Here are 10 reasons to have New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, perform a title search if you are an Andover resident:

  1. Learn about a property’s history and previous owners (chain of title).
  2. Discover the property’s exact measurements, limits, and legal description.
  3. See a property’s mortgage status.
  4. Find tax liabilities.
  5. Learn about judgments concerning a property.
  6. Uncover fraud, undisclosed heirs, and liens against a property.
  7. Prevent legal claims to a property.
  8. Reduce the total cost of property ownership.
  9. Make a smart, informed buying decision.
  10. Enjoy a smoother, faster, and safer closing process.


With a title search, Andover buyers can rest assured they’re making smart purchasing decisions – before they sign on the dotted line. Don’t sign a legally binding closing agreement until you’ve hired a professional to conduct a title search. Otherwise, you can open yourself up to many types of risks and financial hurdles down the road.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Title Searches in Andover


Although it’s possible to visit your local county clerk’s office or go online to conduct a title search for an Andover property on your own, real estate advisors do not recommend this. Your title search needs to be as thorough, comprehensive, and accurate as possible to protect you from making a bad investment. Even a minor mistake during your search can come up with a clean title when there are harmful liens or encumbrances.

Properties come with a ton of legal history, making it essential to use the right tools to discover hidden problems. New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, conducted more than 7,353 title searches both in Andover and all throughout Massachusetts in 2016. We’re experts at searching through MA public records for real property information, deeds, and titles. When you partner with New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, for title searches, you enjoy several benefits:


  • Fast service. In most cases, we get title search results in less than 24 hours – much faster than visiting your county clerk’s office, waiting in line, and having the clerk find the necessary documents. Our advanced technologies ensure the fastest turnaround possible, so you can continue the purchase process without fear of losing out to another buyer.
  • Peace of mind. The digital search process we perform is exhaustive, digging out every public record relating to the property in question. When we perform a title search, Andover buyers can know for sure they’re receiving every document available in the public records.
  • Experienced professionals. The real estate professionals at New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, have not only performed thousands of title searches, but they can also help you negotiate with sellers to clear up title issues and help you obtain title insurance. As a professional home closing team, we have everything you need to close on a property in one place.


Teaming with a professional for a title search is much wiser than attempting to do one on your own. A professional knows exactly what to look for and where to find it. When you use a professional service, you can move forward without a doubt in your mind about the spotlessness of a title – especially if you purchase title insurance on top of your title search.


Pair Your Title Search With Title Insurance


Unfortunately, no matter how exhaustive a title search is, it won’t come up with issues that aren’t available in the public records. For this reason, the real estate professionals at New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, encourage homebuyers to purchase title insurance after a title search. Andover homebuyers can completely protect their investments with title insurance, which protects from title defects you may not uncover with a title search.

In the event of a problem such as a lien or encumbrance, your insurance policy can defend against a lawsuit and reimburse your financial losses or damages. With title insurance, you can walk confidently into your real estate deal. Depending on the coverage and limits you purchase, title insurance can completely compensate you for any and all damages or financial losses a title issue caused. As a buyer, you need every tool available in your toolbox to protect yourself from fraudulent sellers. Let the professionals at New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, help. Learn more about our company.


Enjoy a New Kind of Title Search Experience


New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, is proud to provide you with a new kind of title experience – one that eliminates human error, maximizes convenience, and speeds up the closing process. When you come to us for title searches, Andover locals can enjoy increased investment security, streamlined services, and all the advantages of cutting-edge search technologies. Our commitment to improving the closing process has led to us becoming a reputable source for title searches throughout Massachusetts. To get started with a title search, Andover property buyers can reach out online to New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, or call (978) 640-0620.