Title Insurance Burlington


Title Insurance Burlington


Title Insurance BurlingtonFor the most comprehensive title insurance, Burlington homebuyers know they can count on New England Title & Escrow Services, PC. We partner with a network of experienced title insurance providers who can give you the coverage you need. Our real estate professionals recommend title insurance for everyone buying or refinancing a home. You may not have thought about title insurance during the real estate process or even have known it existed – but it can help you protect your investment and give you peace of mind. Find out how!


Why You Need Title Insurance As A Burlington Homebuyer


Title insurance is a standard step smart Burlington homebuyers take before deciding to close on a home purchase. Title insurance is crucial for all buyers because it protects them (and their mortgage lenders) from potential title issues – such as your seller not actually owning the property. You may believe a title search is all you need to prevent these kinds of mishaps. Unfortunately, a title search will not come up with documents that aren’t in the public records. The only way to truly protect yourself from legal issues regarding property ownership is to purchase title insurance. Burlington, MA buyers can benefit from title insurance in several ways, including:


  • Fulfill lender requirements. Most mortgage lenders make a title insurance policy mandatory since it will also protect their own investment. A lender’s title insurance policy will cover the lender to the extent of a loan’s outstanding balance. A lender’s policy, however, will not protect the owner’s investment.
  • Lasting protection. An owner’s title insurance policy lasts as long as you and your heirs have an interest in your property. Often, a policy covers the full purchase price of your property. It can also help you pay for legal defense against any attacks on the title ownership.
  • Compensation for your losses. If you incur losses because of a title defect, an unknown heir stepping forward, or another issue, your policy may cover your damages. Title insurance can be the only hope you have for recovering for such losses after the purchase of a property.


Title insurance isn’t only for buyers – it also protects sellers, lenders, real estate agents, homebuilders, and the community as a whole. Title insurance ensures efficient and safe title transfers as well as client satisfaction, a marketable title for sellers, easy title issue resolution, and more data entered into Massachusetts’s public record system. If you need more reasons to purchase title insurance, Burlington residents can contact New England Title & Escrow Services, PC.


Title Insurance Burlington Can Depend On


New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, has served as a proud connection between New Englanders and trusted title insurance providers since our founding in 2003. Our clients come to us when they want professional advice, legal counsel, and help choosing the right insurance plans to protect their best interests. Whether you’re a buyer, lender, or agent, title insurance can be your saving grace in the event of a property ownership mishap. To learn more about title insurance, Burlington residents can call New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, at (978) 640-0620.