Title Insurance Andover


Title Insurance Andover


Title Insurance AndoverWhen it comes to proof of ownership of a property, one of the only things that can protect you from legal issues as a property buyer is title insurance. Andover buyers can count on New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, for connections to the most trusted title insurance providers in Massachusetts. In our 13+ years of service, we’ve partnered with dozens of top insurance companies that deliver superior policies for property buyers. Learn more about title insurance at New England Title & Escrow Services, PC.


The Basics Of Title Insurance For Andover Property Owners


Title insurance insures against financial loss due to defects, errors, and omissions in a real property title. Even the most thorough title search won’t give you results that aren’t on public record. Title insurance can help Andover residents by reimbursing the insured for monetary losses and defending against lawsuits that attack a property title. Title insurance policies from New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, can protect you from:


  • Documents executed by false powers of attorney
  • False impersonations of actual land/property owners
  • An undisclosed heir or other party having rights to a property
  • Improperly documented legal papers
  • Improper or expired document notarization
  • Chain of title gaps
  • Forged or fraudulent deeds, wills, and mortgages
  • Deeds created by minors
  • Deeds that are held to be equitable mortgages
  • Errors in tax documents
  • Liens, debts, and easements against a property.
  • Possession of land issues
  • Conveyances that violate public policy
  • Misinterpretation of wills
  • Community property issues
  • False records of death or heirs
  • Probate matters


This is not an exhaustive list of all the incidents title insurance can protect Andover citizens from. Title insurance is the only legal remedy to protecting your rights as a title owner or buyer in Massachusetts. New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, can connect you to a network of title insurance providers you can trust to protect your investments.


Two Types Of Title Insurance For Andover Residents


There are two main types of title insurance policies: insurance for the owner and insurance for the lender. Almost every institutional mortgage lender requires title insurance to protect themselves when property owners offer their real estate as collateral. Otherwise, the lender could expose itself to legal problems if the property owner lies about ownership or there is an issue with liens. If you’re a lender, discover all the ways New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, can assist you.

If you’re a buyer, owner’s title insurance is for you. An owner’s policy insures buyers from defects, encumbrances, and liens on a property title. At New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, we’ll first conduct a full title search on the property you’re interested in purchasing. This will discover any defects on the title that are listed in the public record. However, there is no guarantee that this means a clean title. There are plenty of issues that may not be part of public record or accessible during a search. Title insurance protects Andover property owners from potential title defects that are listed in your policy and covers any damages you might suffer because of the defect.

Typically, the limit of an owner’s policy equals the purchase price of the property. However, it’s also possible to purchase additional coverage for your title insurance. Andover buyers can personalize their insurance policies according to their needs with help from insurance providers through New England Title & Escrow Services, PC. Our services set buyers and lenders up with top insurance companies, where you can rest assured your needs will be taken care of.


3 Questions To Ask About Title Insurance For Andover Locals


Purchasing title insurance can be complicated, especially if this is your first real estate transaction. As a buyer or lender, you may not know exactly how to choose your provider of title insurance. Luckily for Andover residents, the professional consultants at New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, are nearby to help. Below are three main questions our real estate and title experts help our clients answer on the search for the proper coverage:

  1. What coverage do I need? The answer to this question will vary from client to client. We can help you find the ideal coverage when you schedule a consultation. Standard insurance typically works in most cases, protecting against many possible defects. Additional coverage can boost costs but may be worth it in certain situations. Your lender may also require certain insurance for your mortgage.
  2. Who should I trust? At New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, we don’t recommend you trust the seller when making a property purchase. The seller could easily be hiding information from you or may be unaware of title defects him or herself. Trusting your real estate agent may not be your best bet either. Instead, trust a comprehensive title insurance policy to cover your damages and protect yourself from title-related lawsuits.
  3. Why choose New England Title & Escrow Services, PC? When you’re on the hunt for title insurance, you want to partner with a company that can perform a title search and issue the ideal insurance policy. When you work with New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, this is exactly what you get. We’ll conduct your title search at reasonable rates and help you partner with some of the best insurance providers in New England. Our experts will work closely with you to help you find the right coverage.

Title insurance does not have to be a mystery for Andover residents when you work with New England Title & Escrow Services, PC. We make the process simple, helping you select the provider who will best suit your individual needs as a buyer. We’ll help you answer the pertinent questions before choosing your provider so you can rest assured that you have the exact coverage you need – no more, no less.


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