Title Company Andover


Title Company Andover


Title Company AndoverIf you’re considering buying or selling a property in Massachusetts, you will need the assistance of a title company. Andover citizens have come to New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, for professional real estate advice and title services since 2003. Our company goes above and beyond to deliver superb title services and manage other essential tasks in the buying and selling of residential properties. Visit our website to learn all the ways that our title company can help you.


Terms To Know Before Working With A Title Company Near Andover



The experts at New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, want to make sure clients fully understand the tasks and services they need to complete real estate transactions. We don’t want to leave our clients in the dark about complex real estate processes, so we’re always available to address any questions and concerns. Gaining a general understanding of what to expect with a title company can help Andover residents feel more confident and prepared when buying or selling a property. Here’s a list of some basic terms you may encounter:


  • Escrow. Escrow describes a situation in which a third party holds onto funds from two other parties involved in a real estate transaction. The third party will only release the funds when both sides have fulfilled the terms of an agreement. Escrow helps protect both parties by incorporating a neutral third party to handle funds.
  • Real property. Real property encompasses not just the main building on a piece of land, but all structures, equipment, crops, land, and interests that are permanently or firmly attached to a property. The purchase and sale of properties in Massachusetts require real property searches to fully understand everything a property includes.
  • Easement. You may hear this word if your title company’s search comes up with an issue of property ownership. An easement is someone’s legal right to use another person’s land for limited, specific purposes. If a property you want to buy has an easement, the owner may not have the right to sell it to you. Learn more about title searches with New England Title & Escrow Services, PC.
  • Liens. Another type of title issue is a lien, or a party’s right to possession of a property if the owner doesn’t pay a debt he or she owes. For example, a creditor may place a lien against a home. If the property owner doesn’t pay off the debt in a certain period of time, the creditor has the right to take and sell the home, using the money to pay off the owner’s debts. New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, can help you resolve lien issues before buying or selling a property.


When you partner with New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, we’ll help you understand all the terms you need to know for dealing with property titles. Our consultants will walk you through the sale or purchase process for a residential property from beginning to end. Real estate is a complex industry, but it’s one you can conquer with help from a title company in Andover.



4 Things Our Title Company Can Do For Andover Residents



At New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, we are a trusted and respected title company near Andover, MA. Between our licensed real estate attorneys and property title experts, we have the manpower you need to handle simple or complex real estate jobs. Learn more about us. Here are four services we provide for buyers and sellers of properties in Massachusetts:


  • Conduct title searches. We’ll conduct a property title search for you, using specific information and keywords to come up with the most detailed results. You’ll then have access to all financial documents connected to a property, including easements, liens, taxes, mortgages, and more. A title search is a critically important task to complete before you purchase a home, as it ensures the title is legitimate and valid.
  • Resolve title issues. We will help you resolve any title issues that come up with your title search, such as unpaid taxes or liens against the property. As a premier title company near Andover, MA, we can help you deal with title problems and correct them before buying or selling a property in Massachusetts
  • Offer title insurance. Title insurance protects lenders and owners against claims and lawsuits dealing with title disputes. Purchasing title insurance effectively protects you from defects within a title, such as inaccurate information or a fraudulent property owner. Title insurance is vitally important for protecting large investments such as property purchases.
  • Manage escrow accounts. Part of our job as a title company near Andover, MA is to maintain escrow accounts – which are third party accounts that hold funds of two parties involved in a real estate transaction. We’ll hold your funds in escrow until both parties fulfill their sides of a contract, protecting you from a party not holding up its side of the deal.


Before you buy or sell a property, hire a title company, Andover, MA residents can protect their rights and make sure there’s nothing wrong with a title with help from a professional company that handles these tasks. New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, has everything you need in one place. We encourage local buyers and sellers to speak with us before signing on the dotted line.



Tips For Picking A Title Company For Andover Locals



Selecting a title company isn’t something one should take lightly. Consider these three things when looking for a title company in the Andover area:


  1. Experience in the field. Depending on what services you need performed, look for a title company near Andover with those needs listed on their website. Your title company should have prior experience handling the type of service you need accomplished.
  2. Competitive rates. Don’t simply choose the company with the most inexpensive rates – you’ll likely get a service level to match. Shop around and choose the company with fair rates for the services they offer.
  3. Caring representation. You should feel comfortable with your title company and know your representative has your best interests in mind. Pick a company you feel good about working with.


Massachusetts residents have trusted New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, with their property needs for years. With a variety of title services in our repertoire and a passion for helping property buyers and sellers, we’re your go-to title company. Andover citizens can reach out to us by calling (978) 640-0602 or by contacting us online.