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Real Estate Attorney Burlington


Real Estate Attorney BurlingtonYou can accomplish a great deal when you partner with a real estate attorney. Burlington buyers, sellers, lenders, and real estate agents come to New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, for experienced legal professionals who specialize in real estate in Massachusetts. Our real estate attorneys ensure a property transaction meets your best interests, asking the right questions on your behalf and managing complex transaction. An attorney from New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, can give you the support and legal counsel you need to make a smart, informed real estate deal.


Services From A Real Estate Attorney Near Burlington


At New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, we provide full-service real estate attorneys to Burlington residents. Our attorneys have the legal education, background, and experience to help facilitate property transaction for any party involved. Before, during, and after a transaction, we help you make informed decisions and protect your investment. Visit our website to learn more about our home closing services. Here’s a brief overview of what our team of legal real estate professionals can provide:


  • Expert legal guidance and counsel. Questions about real estate law in Massachusetts? Don’t know how to negotiate a homebuyer’s contract? The legal team at New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, can help you with these issues and more. Massachusetts is an “attorney state,” meaning non-lawyers cannot provide legal services during real estate transactions. When it comes to a real estate attorney Burlington trusts New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, for these transactions.
  • Purchase and sale negotiation. Whether it’s your first time or your one-hundredth time, navigating a home purchase or sale can be difficult. Our lawyers can help you with expert counsel about negotiations, including sale prices and when it’s in your best interest to close. We’ll examine your situation and give you our honest legal opinions on what you should do moving forward.
  • Answering conveyance questions. Burlington residents need a real estate attorney to help with the legal process of transferring a property from one owner to another, or conveyance. Improper or illegal conveyance can lead to a homebuyer not truly being the owner of a property, despite having paid the previous property owner. Enlist expert from a real estate attorney near Burlington for title and property conveyance.
  • Estate services. At New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, our legal team also provides estate planning, wills, and trust services, on top of assistance with quit claim deeds, mortgages, and deeds of trust. Our attorneys are truly full service, and can assist you with a wide variety of legal issues.


This list barely skims the surface of items we help with at New England Title & Escrow Services, PC. We’re proud to offer many different types of assistance during the real estate transaction process. Learn more about our purchase and sale legal review services.


Real Estate Attorneys Burlington Locals Can Trust


Since our start in 2003, New England Title & Escrow Services, PC, has been a reputable and trusted source of legal real estate attorneys for Burlington natives, and for people throughout New England. To schedule a consultation with an expert real estate attorney, Burlington residents can contact us at (978) 640-0620 or via our online form.