Showing Little Sign of Progress on e-Closings

The Boston Globe

February 22, 2015

Attorney Hugh Fitzpatrick discusses the lack of progress on electronic closings and what steps the industry will need to take to adopt the more secure, efficient and cost-saving process.


New Rules on Closing Dates May Open Can of Worms

The Boston Globe

January 31, 2015

Attorney Hugh Fitzpatrick discusses the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ruling on when final closing figures must be presented to lenders; also, the confusions and delays that may result when the ruling is put in practice. 


Can I Use My Own Attorney for Closings?

The Boston Globe

January 18, 2015

Many mortgage lenders only work with a pre-approved list of lawyers to oversee closings. But can you use your own attorney, even if they are not on the list? Attorney Hugh Fitzpatrick discusses the law and what to do if your attorney is not “on the list”.


Myriad Limits Placed on In-Law Apartments

The Boston Globe

December 14, 2014

If you’re one of the many families considering an in-law apartment, be sure to check out your town’s potential legal restrictions. Attorney Hugh Fitzpatrick reviews some examples of restrictions and considerations in making your final decisions.


Should You Invest in Rental Property?

The Boston Globe

October 25, 2014

Attorney Hugh Fitzpatrick relates his experience as a rental owner and his advice for preventing problems if you choose to invest.


How Do I Conduct a Title Search?

The Boston Globe

August 31, 2014

Attorney Hugh Fitzpatrick outlines the steps to performing a title search and the complexities with understanding each step. While anyone can conduct a title search, Attorney Fitzpatrick recommends having a professional conduct and produce any search on which you will base monetary decisions.


Should a Home Buyer Allow Dual Agency?

The Boston Globe

August 3, 2014

When buying or selling a home, your real estate agent should have your interests as their priority. Attorney Hugh Fitzpatrick explores the legality of having the same real estate agent represent both the buyer and seller and gives his advice if you’re faced with this situation.


What is Title Insurance and Why You Should Get It

The Boston Globe

July 20, 2014

Attorney Hugh Fitzpatrick relates the story of homebuyers who did not get title insurance and explains why it is so crucial to protect oneself when purchasing a property.


It’s Time to Conduct House Closings Online

The Boston Globe

July 6, 2014

Attorney Hugh Fitzpatrick discusses the paper-driven history of the real estate industry and the benefits to a digital closing process, including greater security, as well as the resistance to change in the industry.


Title Plays Significant Role In Home Purchase

The Boston Globe

May 18, 2014

When purchasing property, a title search is imperative before making an offer. Attorney Hugh Fitzpatrick reviews the risks of title ownership and explains the benefits of having a title researched at the beginning of the transaction.