What We Learned at the Digital Mortgage Conference


What We Learned at the Digital Mortgage Conference

May 25, 2017

As big fans of the digitalization of the mortgage and home closing process, the New England Title team attended the first ever Digital Mortgage Conference in San Francisco. Not only were we excited to meet so many other like-minded professionals in our industry, we were very pleased to hear of two major market developments:

  • Several warehouse lenders are about to enter the digital mortgage market. This is great news to us as it indicates that electronic closings and e-lending are finally starting to hit the mainstream market.
  • Aggregator market is growing. Not only are more lenders entering the e-market, new aggregators other than Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are also starting to buy e-notes, another positive sign that the digital marketplace is about to explode.

These two significant trends in e-lending make us very hopeful that the lending community is finally ready to embrace e-closings as a relevant and reliable technology that will quickly become commonplace in the mortgage industry.

For more on the Digital Mortgage Conference, watch Hugh Fitzpatrick video commentary on his time at the event..