6 Small Cosmetic Changes that Can Increase the Value of your Home


6 Small Cosmetic Changes that Can Increase the Value of your Home

April 10, 2017

You have decided to sell your home but feel shocked and disappointed by the asking price suggested by your listing agent. You love your property and believe it is worth much more as similar properties have sold at a higher price in your area in recent times. Everything else being equal, what your home probably needs is minor improvements to increase its appeal and the value. There is no need to go for major repairs that can cause a hole in your wallet. Here are a few foxes that are easy and quick and cost very little.

1. Get rid of all odors

It is hard to recognize the foul smell emanating from your home if you have been living in it for years. Whether it is the smell of your doggie, alcoholic beverages, or tobacco, you can be sure that it creates a bad impression on any prospective buyer when he comes over for a showing. Get your home thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to give the visitor a nice, fresh feeling. 

2. Change the color of paint

What’s wrong with the paint, you might be tempted to ask. But the bright parrot or lemon color that you have used for the exterior walls may not be the preferred choice of those who come to see your home. Go for earthy colors or shades that are not very sharp or bright.

3. Is the front doorbell working?

You may not think much of the squeaky sound your front gate makes when it is opened. You may also ignore the fact that your doorbell is not working. But these little things create a bad impression on the visitor. Change the plate depicting house number if it has become old and tattered. The idea behind these small improvements is to make your visitor feel good when approaching and coming inside your home.

4. Poor and inefficient lighting

Most homeowners take out CFL’s and LED lights from fittings and leave behind bare minimum of lights as they do not want to leave them for the buyer. But you are indirectly lowering the value of your home by trying to save a few dollars. A well-lighted and airy home is loved by the visitors while they are more prone to haggle for prices if they find the place poorly lighted.

5. Take a look at your bathroom and kitchen

You have got the kitchen and bathroom cleaned but not made any changes in their fixtures and looks. The first things that homebuyers look at when they are shown a property is the bathroom and the kitchen. If they are happy and satisfied with what they see, you have passed in the litmus test. Frown on their faces tells you something is wrong or amiss. Look at your kitchen and bathroom from the eyes of a prospective buyer who has come here searching for his dream home. You need not go for a complete makeover but you can at least paint the walls and the cabinets and fix faulty faucets and shower to make your home look more presentable to the buyer.

6. Clean the mirrors and windows

This is the easiest and free of cost home improvement that you should not overlook at any cost. Spotless mirrors allow the buyer to see his image properly whereas clean windows allow air and sunlight to come inside the home. Ask for professional cleaning service if you are not satisfied with your cleaning efforts.


These minor improvements do not take much time and they are also inexpensive in nature. But they really help in increasing the value of your home.