Observations from the Northeast Association of Realtors Conference and Expo


Observations from the Northeast Association of Realtors Conference and Expo

June 02, 2016

Earlier this month, we attended the Northeast Association of Realtors Conference in Chelmsford. It was a truly enjoyable experience where we met so many of the region’s leading Realtors and lending professionals. As we reflect back on the event, we realized that there were two questions that we heard time and again as people visited our table so we thought it would be beneficial to answer those questions here as well.

1) What areas does your company service?  

New England Title and Escrow Services does exactly as our name says - we provide quality title and escrow services throughout all six New England states. That being said, the bulk of our business is conducted close to our home in the Merrimack Valley region. Our main goal as a business is not necessarily to be the biggest provider in our industry, but the best. That is why we keep our focus on seeking new and innovative ways to improve the home closing process and working with real estate and lending professionals who share our mindset.

2) Will you go to the borrower’s home to close a loan for them? 

Of course! Since we do business all over New England, all of our attorneys are equipped to operate securely and efficiently from virtually any location. When asked ‘where are we closing?’ our answer is always ‘wherever the borrower would like.’ We recognize the importance of superior service as a major differentiator and that is why we’ve been providing mobile service for over fifteen years. 

As your local provider of innovative  title and escrow services, we are ready to provide quality support for all of your real estate conveyance needs when and where you need it. If you are a member of NEAR, we look forward to seeing you at upcoming events; please always feel free to contact us when any questions you may have about our services.