Do I Need to Work with a Real Estate Agent?


Do I Need to Work with a Real Estate Agent?

May 16, 2017

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to buying or selling a home. And while the answer is no, you don’t need to work with a real estate agent, it is highly recommended that you do for two, very important reasons:

  1. A seasoned real estate agent will know the current market and be able to help you price your home properly and negotiate on your behalf whether you are buying or selling.
  2. Real estate agents have a wide variety of marketing tools at their disposal to help reach a large audience of buyers, which will help you sell your home faster.

Working with a competent and experienced agent will help you sell your home quickly and get the best sale price possible.

Once you decide that you want to work with a real estate agent, you are faced with finding the right one. With literally thousands of options, the task can seem overwhelming. Hugh suggests asking these two questions to help narrow the field:

  1. How many houses have you sold this year?
  2. Are you a full time agent?

These two simple questions will help you quickly narrow the field to those agents who are committed to their careers, will spend the time to market your home effectively, are knowledgeable about the current market and excel at their profession. 

Selling your home can be stressful and time consuming. Minimize your stress level and maximize your selling price by investing in the services of a knowledgeable realtor.